Our flour crepes has own uniqueness which has hot and cold crepe. Our hot crepe, most customer satisfied because a crispy flour so we developed our flour to keep the crispy but still delicious and smell good. This strategy is to keep reminder to our customer about olino

Cold crepe, there are an icecream and whipcream as ingredients. So our cold crepe will soft and silk as original from Japan. With the recipes from Japan, we come up with R&D to serve Thai customer. This strategy is also to keep reminder to our customer about olino

As Olino slogan “Dare to try!”, We dare to try our flour, just a flour. Our flour has unique indentify, and delicious. We served 7 favours as Mango, Matcha, Sakura, Milo, Choco, Charcoal and original which can be able to mix to our premium topping. In each menu, we represent the best presentation and uniqueness of delicious to make customer remember us. We pay attention to each single detail, put the story for Thai and international customer.